Who we are

Our vision

Stanley Halls aims to be one of South London’s premiere arts and performance centre. We offer a platform for the brightest and best of South London’s artistic community; giving local creatives the opportunity to reach out to audiences from across the city and beyond.

We are a radically inclusive space that welcomes all audiences; and one that is particularly welcoming to communities that have previously been excluded from creative spaces. This means that we will seek to foreground the stories and work of both artists of colour and queer and LGBTQ+ communities.
With the inherent challenges of a Grade 2 listed building, we do not currently have full access to all our spaces for all disabled communities but, as we seek funding for capital improvements, expanding access across the site is at the forefront of our future development plans.
We seek to give emerging artists across all art forms, and the creative technologies of the future, the opportunity to grow through innovation, collaboration and participation.


Stanley Halls is a Grade II listed Edwardian arts venue at Norwood Junction. A fascinating complex of unique Edwardian buildings built in 1904-11, the Halls comprise an art gallery, theatre hall and assembly rooms. The building was donated and designed for his local community by William Ford Robinson Stanley (1829-1909); a prominent local inventor, industrialist and philanthropist.

Stanley Halls is now run by SPI, a charity established by the local community to re-open, manage, improve and restore Stanley Halls. William Stanley’s vision for the halls was centred around the promotion of: “Justice, Liberty and Science”. SPI aim is to encourage the community to use, improve, preserve and love Stanley Halls now and for future generations.

See the Living Heritage section for more on the history and plans of Stanley Halls at Norwood Junction, in the heart of South Norwood.


The Stanley People’s Initiative

The Stanley People’s Initiative is a group of residents from SE25 and the local area, who came together to ensure the wonderful Stanley Halls on South Norwood Hill is maintained as a centre for entertainment, community, arts, enterprise and learning. We are committed to the improvement of Stanley Halls as part of the overall ongoing commercial and social regeneration of South East London.

A registered charity (number 1155680), The Stanley People’s Initiative has a 35 year lease on the building from Croydon Council.

The Board of Trustees:

  • Cameron McLeod – Chair
  • James Higgott – Vice Chair
  • Orlene Allen – Treasurer
  • Judith Burden – Secretary
  • Kathy Bee
  • Mary Hennock
  • Marc Richards
  • Jonathon Pelluet
  • Graham Whitlock