Leave Em Laughing Present: Edinburgh Award Alumni Night

Sat 26 May

South Norwood’s monthly comedy night Leave ‘Em Laughing is back this May with a special Edinburgh Award Nominees Night! Jordan Brookes and Rob Kemp will be live delivering the latest material for a night of laughs and good times to be had by all!


The Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show 2017 nominee, Chortle Awards Comedians’ Comedian 2018 winner returns for more loosely-justified nonsense in this work-in-progress show.

Critically acclaimed and adored by his peers, Jordan is riding high. There’s been so much buzz about him. I’ve heard he does absurd stuff on stage? Yeah sort of, but it’s also very accessible. Apparently, he’s a really nice guy in real life too. Yeah he is. Very charming. Yes, very charming. Got a lot of time for him. Shall we give him a go then? Oh, absolutely not.

‘Wildly entertaining’ **** (Guardian).

‘Brookes is a startlingly talented comedian’ **** (Scotsman).

Rob Kemp

Feeling the pressure of unexpected success last year with ‘The Elvis Dead’, Rob Kemp returns with the non-committal, imposter syndrome-motivated ‘Wheel of Shows’. Ostensibly a game show format, Rob has a sparkly jacket and a spinning wheel. Onto the wheel he has stuck a whopping ten (TEN!) show ideas, gambling on the possibility that one of them is a winner. He’ll spin the wheel and perform whichever show it stops on. The reckless idiot.

Will it be Beatlesjuice? Godzilla with puppets? Something self-referential set in a bookshop?

Who knows? Not him, cos the wheel definitely isn’t rigged.

Join Rob as he wrestles with technical issues, home-made props and the eternal question;

‘what do they want from me?’

100% absolutely NO SINGING*. Probably

Come roll the dice** on Wheel of Shows!

Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer 2017 Nominee

Chortle Best Newcomer 2018 Winner

Malcolm Hardee Comic Originality Nominee/Most likely to earn a million quid Winner

Barry Award ‘Comedian’s Choice’ Best Performer Winner

BBC New Comedy Awards

*There may be… look, it’s March as I write this

**This show features approximately zero dice. Dies? Dice?

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