Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

Fri 4 May
The Stanley Hall


We’re disappointed to announce that Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 are postponing their Europe tour due to unforseen circumstances. This show will now take place on May 4th, 2018.


The struggle is real. As real as it ever was. From Lagos to London, Ouagadougou to New York, life in the sprawl is tough, and getting tougher. But pay attention: feel the rumbles. The pot is beginning to boil. What is needed, and needed fast, is authentic leaders, says Seun Kuti – who should know. The youngest son of the Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti is as incensed by injustice and inspired by greatness as his father ever was. Now, with his mighty new album Black Times, the Lagos-based scion honours the revolutionaries who’ve gone before and rallies the torchbearers to come.

And when they arrive, these nu-skool visionaries with change in their sights and the people, woke, at their side, it will be to a blaze of musical fire. To message-driven anthems that tell of real values and real news, horn-blasted songs that shine an unflinching black light on corrupt politicians, grasping corporations and hypocrisy backstage and everywhere; to extended tracks that make you dance, and think, and hope. Life doesn’t have to be this way, says Kuti, his alto-sax hanging around his neck, the letters ‘A.F.R.O B.E.A.T’ tattooed on his knuckles, the words ‘Fela Lives’ emblazoned across his back.

There are other paths, other options. Listen, and you will see.

An intensive spate of touring has reinvigorated an act whose every show includes one or more Fela originals, as adrenalised as they ever were. Long-players whose funky horns, kicking beats, stirring chants and call-and-response hooks are lent contemporary resonance by new sonic influences and the charismatic presence of Seun. The boy who first appeared onstage with his father aged eight (at the Harlem Apollo) has this year wowed festivals including Glastonbury and venues such as Brighton’s Dome, sending critics into raptures.



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