South Norwood Comedy Festival: Hunt & Murphy

Tue 26 Jun


Sketch Comedy Duo Richard Hunt & Abbie Murphy.

In 2012 Hunt & Murphy started writing and performing their comedy together for the sheer fun of it. After high praise from friends and colleagues over their low key YouTube channel, they took to the stage on the London comedy circuit to hone their live skills as a duo.

Both Hunt & Murphy have a penchant for eccentric characters, from 80’s naff naff to Victorian macabre. A 1990s Essex upbringing might be to blame… both from rural villages with nothing to do but make believe their imaginations ran riot, and thankfully have continued to.

Abbie is all of 5ft 3, and Ricky a statuesque 6ft 5 – it’s already a laugh to look at! Both being professionally trained dancers, physical comedy is a strong theme. Their sense of humour and style has been honed throughout 15 years of friendship. Having met as young teens at professional dance school, and continuing on to successful performing careers, has seen them travel the world together. It is the basis for their strong connection in sense of humour, timing, and trust on stage (and in life) making them an established, comfortable and natural fit.

Hunt & Murphy will be debuting their first live comedy show at The Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Catch them live at Stanley Halls as part of the South Norwood Community Festival, in association with Leave ’em Laughing.

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